Alya is the high-speed Bag-in-Box aseptic filling machine designed by Ing.A.Rossi.

Alya can be used for a wide range of food and beverage products whether liquid, viscous or in chunks, with high or low acidity, for delivery into pre-sterilized Web Bags with volumes from 3 to 20 litres and with any type of fitment available on the 1 and 2 inch market.

One of its distinguishing features is the patented bag handling system that, together with its brushless motors, achieves the highest filling speed on the market, with absolute precision in spout positioning and minimum component wear.

Bag insertion and release is simple and reliable, thanks to the special design of the spout holding plates, which are also essential for the sterilization process.

Synchronised control over each individual movement reduces the cycle time of every stage and maintains performance over time. Our patented solution places ALYA as the new market leader for aseptic bag-in-box filling machines.

Alya has multiple advantages:

  • Speed: up to 50% faster than other web fillers on the market
  • Accuracy: 99.7% of bags filled with an accuracy of ±0.3%
  • Reliability: guaranteed efficiency with 99% uptime
  • Modularization: configurazione della linea a misura delle esigenze del cliente
  • Flexibility: reduced adjustment time for format and volume changes
  • A Complete solution: the opportunity to combine upstream and downstream modules to provide a fully integrated process (e.g. a bag feeder, a CIP system, a drying tunnel, Weighing, Rejection and Coding Systems and a Bag-in-Box packing monoblock or robotic solutions such as Pick and Place)

What products is Alya used for?

Our web filling machines are currently being supplied to Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Colombia which process food products for the HoReCa sector; more specifically for tomatoes and various fruits. Alya has also been successfully used with liquid products, high viscosity purées and diced products.

Our Alya Bag-in-Box aseptic filling machine can be used for filling different liquid types including more viscous products. Liquid products include juices and drinks, wine, cream, milk and other derivatives such as vegetable milk and vegetable cream. The more viscous products include tomato sauce, purée and pulp, diced tomatoes, eggs, fruit purées, concentrates and much more.

What is a Bag - in - Box aseptic filling machine?

Bag-in-Box aseptic filling machines enable companies to manage packaging more efficiently while reducing costs. Thanks to advanced technology, Bag - in - Box aseptic filling machines are designed to guarantee maximum product safety and quality.

This type of machinery is used in the food industry to fill liquid or semi-solid products in such a way to preserve their freshness. It is a system designed for filling foodstuffs under defined sterilization conditions, so that the bags can be kept at room temperature without any bacterial or other microbial growth to avoid any risk of contamination. This process is performed in an aseptic environment to preserve the organoleptic properties and characteristics of the product.

Speed, an absolute prerogative for Bag - in - Box machines.

The maximum permissible speed is a fundamental requirement for companies working with food and pharmaceutical products. Ing.A.Rossi's aseptic bag-in-box fillers achieve a speed of 2,000 bags per hour to enable companies to achieve excellent results in terms of productivity and maximise their profits.

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