And that’s where our history begins.

The history of a Group that turns a new page every day, taking on challenges, proposing solutions and supporting our customers in their requirements and development projects.

Established seventy years ago in the heart of the Food Valley, a land of knowledgeable and innovative entrepreneurs in the food and agro-industry sector, today we are one of the world's leading plant engineering companies. We have operations in more than 60 countries, wherever advanced technologies are used to enhance the value of the raw material, while maintaining its intrinsic organoleptic qualities.

I've always had a great passion for engineering... I was born with it... and many, many years ago, at the end of the 1940s, something happened that made me understand that this would be my path in life. A breakdown in a tomato processing plant in Pontecagnano, in the south of Italy, demanded immediate, urgent action. We travelled there from Parma and worked day and night to solve the problem. At the end of this extraordinary human and professional experience, he turned to me and said: what if we started our own business in this industry? I simply replied... OK.

Ingegner Angelo Rossi


From where we look towards the future, strengthened by our solid history. Here are some photographs of our vehicles from our early years.


For us, know-how has always been synonymous with not setting any self-imposed limits and constantly developing ideas.  Our first evaporation boilers are pictured here.

Premium Quality

Knowledge, experience and a wealth of curiosity: this photo shows some details of Rossi's historic motorbike engines.


Alya, the industry leader in aseptic bag-in-box filling machines

Alya, the industry leader in aseptic bag-in-box filling machines

Only a quality product can create a quality product. Sic et simpliciter. Starting from this axiom, which is inscribed in our Italian traditions and DNA, we have always done our utmost to design, build and guarantee technologically advanced solutions for food industry applications: from tomato processing to fruit preparation, from recipe creation technologies to industrial and retail storage and filling systems.

In order to improve the effectiveness and speed of our response, we have equipped our core business, represented by Ing.A.Rossi Impianti Industriali Srl, with supporting divisions. These include CTM Costruzioni Termo Meccaniche Srl, which manufactures and assembles a variety of machines, and its sister company Aronpak Srl, which creates automated packaging systems for the food and beverage industries, from filling machines to pallet stacking.

Customer relations. Together we build, together we grow

The reliability and professionalism of our solutions is assured by experience - but above all by our people’s know-how. On the one hand we have the Group's dedicated, specialised engineers and technicians, who make problem solving their goal, and on the other, the needs of our customers.

Our focus is on versatility and the ability to translate ideas into processing solutions, based on rigorous and continually updated knowledge, essential in a sector that demands highly customised products. And in this creative process, the relationship with customers, whom we consider our partners, is absolutely integral to the design process, because for us progress consists in exchanging and connecting know-hows. Together we build, together we grow. This is the axiom on which we base our present and our approach to the future.

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