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    Ing. A. Rossi has developed an exclusive technology capable of recovering the latent heat of condensates from tomato choppering, enzymatic deactivation, hot extraction and concentration processes. This innovative system, inserted into the line between the chopperingand enzymatic deactivation processes, offers optimised energy consumption and lowers the costs attendant on disposing of the hot condensates output by the evaporation systems.

In mechanical compression evaporators, or multi-effect systems, steam release heat to the tomato juice and forms a liquid condensate, which must be purified and disposed of in the sewage system. These condensates are very hot, and disposing of them wastes a significant amount of energy, as well as often costing money.

The Ing. A. Rossi patented system reuses this condensate to preheat the tomatoes, still with their skins and seeds, before they move on to the enzymatic deactivation process.

At the same time, the process cools the recycled condensate so that it can be disposed of at lower cost, and with fewer problems than conventional techniques.


  • More energy efficient tomato processing.
  • Reduced costs for purification and disposal of excess condensate.
  • The heat exchangers can be sized to optimise control of the condensate discharge temperature.

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