• Production lines for diced tomatoes

Every Italian region has at least one tomato dish in its culinary culture, which says a lot about the organoleptic and health properties of this vegetable, as well as its versatility in the kitchen. In particular, the diced product is suitable for recipes where you want to enhance the texture of the fruit for its particular flavour.

As a semi-raw food, it is ideal for the classic bruschetta, but also as a base for quick and easy sauces and stews. Of course, it is also suitable for longer cooking, such as braised meats and soups, and is perfect, together with peeled tomatoes, for enhancing fish.

Diced tomato conserve, obtained after peeling and chopping, is one of the most valuable tomato products. The technology required for optimal processing demands high quality standards precisely to ensure the best possible yield and maintain the consistency and fragrance of the fresh product.

| How are diced tomatoes produced?

The specific characteristics of tomato products are also laid down by law. In particular, for diced tomatoes, the Italian Ministerial Decree of 11 August 2017 'Application of Article 25 of Law No 154 of 28 July 2016, concerning the determination of the minimum quality requirements and quality criteria for processed tomato products' specifies that diced tomatoes must be obtained from fresh, healthy, ripe and well-washed fruit and must satisfy certain minimum requirements for the colour, smell and flavour of the fruit.

The legislation also covers, among other things, any alterations of pigmentation, acidity and pH values, and specifies which ingredients may be added to the diced tomatoes, namely water, tomato juice, table salt and certain flavourings and spices.

The characteristics of diced tomatoes

The requirements of the law are reflected in the characteristic Made in Italy care exercised by manufacturers of processing equipment and canning companies, ensuring that all processing stages are directed towards achieving the best possible finished product. This concerns both the preliminary processes, common to all tomato processing - from raw material reception to quality assessment, weighing to unloading, delivery to the process lines, washing and sorting - and the specific stages involved in the production of tomato purée, concentrate, extruded pulp and diced tomatoes.
In particular, as far as diced tomatoes are concerned, preference is given to fruit with a lower seed content and greater firmness. The tomato cube is stripped of its skin, passed through choppers to obtain the characteristic diced pieces, then drained, sorted and heat-treated before being sent for canning.
In compliance with the required characteristics of the product, which also depend on marketing, it is important that there should be a minimal content of discoloured parts, such as the collar of the fruit, green shoulders, and poorly coloured filaments.
However, the focus is always on caring for the raw material in the broadest sense, above all in terms of safety, goodness and preserving the nutritional and organoleptic values of the food.
In this case, the delicate nature of diced tomatoes, not least because of their appearance, requires more stringently controlled processing, time and temperature constraints than other tomato products.

| Ing. A. Rossi diced tomato machines

Ing. A. Rossi has developed technologies specifically for this purpose. Alongside the receiving lines, the company offers peeling machines that reduce the time the product is exposed to heat.

In the same way, cutting is done with machines that minimise waste and ensure perfect and regular dicing, removing any remaining skin and separating out the juice and seeds.

In addition to the dicing line, the company offers systems for the production of the preserving liquid, i.e. the tomato juice for filling, and for the recovery of production waste for processing into double and triple concentrate.

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