• Peeler, pulper and dicing machine

| Peeler:

Product/Application: Peeled tomato and pulp

Description of process/machine. The vacuum peeling system includes an elevator providing access to a star valve which feeds the product . The tomato is then conveyed by a screw conveyor to a second star valve for vacuum blanching. Remaining in the vacuum section, a second screw conveyor transports the peeled tomatoes to the final star valve, which deposits the product on the belt for transfer to the subsequent stages of the process.


• Product feed star valve: the bronze sealing bars are easily removed by simply unscrewing one of the side plugs, without having to remove the entire cover. In addition, the valve consists of a cylinder on the surface of which (on one side) there are two flanged fittings for recovering the steam discharged from the blanching section and transferring it to a special chamber.

• The feed screw is designed to reduce the stress on the product as it falls into the container, thus preserving the raw material’s original characteristics as far as possible.

• Vacuum formation, with stainless steel tube bundle condensers. The vacuum is generated by two high capacity liquid-ring pumps.

• The frame is made of heavy duty stainless steel tubing.

• An automatic condenser flushing system can be added as an option. A series of electro-pneumatic actuators mounted on the peeler's water/vacuum circuit ball valves, controlled directly by the PLC, makes it possible to program the number and duration of the washing cycles.

| Dicing machine:

  • Product/Application:
    Tomatoes, fruit and vegetables

  • Description of process/machine
    Ing. A. Rossi offers a variety of dicing solutions. Built with a range of drives and power ratings, they all employ technologies that ensure accurate, uniform dicing, the elimination of all skin from the cube, and the separation of the juice and seeds from the tomato slices. The dicing section cuts the product to size from 6x6 mm to 21x21 mm, with intermediate sizes available on request. The customer can specify the number of dicing sections to suit their capacity requirements and other specifications.

  • Benefits:

    - Electric motor controlled by the PLC in the electrical enclosure.

    - Easy dicing size changeover.

    - Juice and seeds are separated out prior to dicing.

    - Manual adjustment from outside the machine, and easy dicing size changeovers.

    - Seeds and juice are removed by a rotary system which optimises separation from the cube.

| Pulper:

Product/Application : Tomatoes

Description of process/machine: Ing. A. Rossi pulping machines employ an extrusion process to transform whole peeled and unpeeled tomatoes into tomato pulp. The raw material comes directly from sorting, and can be sent either to the peeler or directly for blanching. The next step is to cut it into uniform slices, which are lightly pressed and then extruded, with the seeds and skins separated out. The resulting pulp is sent to the draining process, the yield of which depends on the fineness of the grilles. Ing. A. Rossi offers a variety of solutions to satisfy any user requirement, guaranteeing a high quality product in combination with the most recent technologies to ensure unbeatably efficient operation.


• Total recovery of all waste for the production of steering liquid.

• PLC control with a user-friendly touch screen panel.

• The user can choose the best grille pattern for the required output.

• Reduced consumption of steam and electricity.

• All materials are food safe.

| Drainer

  • Product/Application:
    Tomatoes, fruit and vegetables

  • Description of process/machine
    Made of stainless steel throughout, the heart of the Ing. A. Rossi system is its filtering drum, which rotates to transfer the product from the hopper to the discharge chute. The drum retains the solid particles and filters out the fluid, which runs down to the next section under gravity while also cleaning any residual product out of the slits.
    The drum’s rotational speed can be adjusted, and the clearance between the rings ensures that the characteristics of the final product desired by the user are obtained.

  • Benefits:

    - The drum is self-cleaning, using the product itself.

    - Extraction of all drained liquid.

    - In the case of tomato derivatives, the system can also be used simply to filter out the seeds.

    - Extremely low installed power.

    - Simple and functional connection to product discharge and recycling circuits.

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