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| Forced circulation evaporators

Forced circulation evaporators are designed to concentrate products with high viscosity and high levels of final residue, such as "hot break" and "cold break" tomato concentrate, or concentrated fruit and vegetable purées. The Ing. A. Rossi Group offers continuous systems with a wide range of capacities and energy efficiency, in single, double and triple effect versions. Built in stainless steel throughout, the machines operate in counter-current or cocurrent flow, to ensure a work cycle optimised for the characteristics of the product.

The forced circulation evaporators operate under vacuum, and employ the principle of fractionated concentration using multiple effects, with a range of load capacities - from 40 t/day to 3000 t/day for tomato concentrate. As for consumption, energy savings are proportional to the number of implemented effects, and can be further increased for production capacities exceeding 750 t/day, by including one or more flash evaporation chambers.


  • Heat exchange efficiency:
    The product circulates in the heat exchangers in such a way as to ensure the shortest possible dwell time in contact with the heat. This feature, combined with the low thermal differential between the product and the steam, eliminates the risk of burning or fouling the exchanger itself.
  • Flow speed:
    A high flow speed through the exchangers is assured by the latest generation of centrifugal pumps designed by the Ing. A. Rossi Group. They ensure optimal circulation even for high viscosity products like concentrates.
  • Product quality:
    The system is optimised to reduce product dwell time and minimise thermal damage. The low evaporation temperatures increase system throughput and assure a high quality finished product, faithful to the food’s original colour and organoleptic properties.
  • Functional, modular design:
    The system features a modular design for low initial investment and quick installation.

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