Sterilizers and pasteurisers:

To enable long term storage of the processed product, the micro-organisms responsible for degradation must be deactivated at the end of the production chain to extend its shelf-life. This can be done by sterilising or pasteurising the product, processes which differ mainly in the type of heat treatment and the environment (aseptic or non-aseptic) in which the process takes place.

Sterilisation is used for all products that require bag-in-drum, bag-in-bin or bag-in-box aseptic filling, such as: tomato concentrates, semi-concentrates and tomato purées, pulps, natural and concentrated fruit purées, NFC juices and concentrated juices.

Pasteurisation is mainly used for products that require hot filling in glass, plastic or tin containers, such as: sauces, jams, juices, drinks, baby food, soups and pre-cooked foods, tomato pulp and concentrate.

Ing. A. Rossi has developed a variety of sterilisers and pasteurisers to meet the different requirements for the preservation of food and its nutrients.


Tubular sterilizers and pasteurisers are manufactured in a hygienic design which implements EHEDG principles, and are available in twin-tube, quad-tube and multi-tube configurations, depending on the characteristics of the product to be processed. All configurations are available with counter-current heat exchange (i.e. with inverted circulation of the heating or cooling fluid with respect to the product) to maximise heat exchange and therefore the efficiency of the machine. All Ing. A. Rossi sterilisers are fully automated, and are equipped with an optimised washing and sterilisation cycle to reduce downtime.

| Twin-tube:

This technology is specifically designed to process products with medium to large pieces, such as diced tomatoes and diced fruit. The system consists of a series of heat exchange modules, each of which has an inner tube through which the product flows and an outer jacket through which the heating medium (superheated water) or cooling medium (cold water) flows. The large cross-section prevents harming the pieces contained in the product. Ing. A. Rossi heat exchangers have a specially shaped tube that enables effective mixing of the product, improves heat exchange and uniform temperature, and also avoids harming the pieces in the product.


  • Fruit pieces up to 35 mm in size

  • No harm to the pieces of fruit

  • Special piece mixing system

  • Highly hygienic design

  • Fully automated plant

  • Capacity up to 20,000 l/h

| Quad-tube

The "tube-in-tube" heat exchange technology with four concentric tubes is suitable for both high viscosity products (tomato concentrate, concentrated fruit purées) and products with small pieces (pulp, sauces with pieces).
The unit has two tubes which carry the heating or cooling fluid, one inside the tube in which the product flows and the other outside it. The product thus flows through a circular ring section and is heated both internally and externally. The tubes are fitted with Ing. A. Rossi high-efficiency mixers, to obtain a highly even temperature of the treated product and minimise pressure drops in the circuit. This solution enables the heat to penetrate better into the product, with a larger contact surface and a shorter dwell time, resulting in uniform, fast treatment.


  • High-viscosity products up to 10,000 cps

  • High heat exchange efficiency

  • High thermal stability of the process

  • Hygienic design

  • Reduced dwell time

  • Capacity up to 20,000 l/h

| Multi-tube with or without heat recovery:

This solution is suitable for heat treatment of low viscosity liquids such as: natural and concentrated fruit juices, beverages, vegetable juices, natural purée, milk, vegetable milk and cream.
The system features a series of heat exchange modules, in each of which the product flows through a bundle of parallel tubes, while the heating or cooling fluid circulates within the exchanger jacket surrounding the product. Here too, the counter-flow system is used and energy savings of up to 70-80% can be achieved. The heat recovery configuration reduces energy consumption by recovering up to 80% of the energy required by the process. In this configuration, an auxiliary water circuit absorbs heat from the product during cooling and returns it to the product during heating.


  • Reduced volumes and product dwell time

  • Energy savings of up to 80%

  • High efficiency thanks to the use of corrugated tubes and jackets Fully automated plant

  • Fully automated plant

  • Easy to wash system

  • Capacity up to 40,000 l/h

Tubular sterilisers and pasteurisers have numerous advantages. These include excellent preservation of the food’s colour and texture, uniform product handling, easy management of temperature control processes, and an easy to wash equipment.

Sterilisers and pasteurisers
with scraped surfaces:

Scraped surface exchangers are particularly suitable for the heat treatment of demanding products with a tendency to form deposits and encrustations (such as green and red pestos, pressed sauces, preparations containing milk, fat and cheese and jams) and products with ingredients in suspension that need to be vigorously mixed (such as ready-made sauces, sauces with chunks, baby food with chunks and soups with chunks). In addition, scraped surface exchangers enable the pressure to be controlled during processing and are therefore particularly suitable for processing products with very high viscosities and concentrations and also where there is a need to preserve the consistency (Bostwick and Blotter) of the product (ketchup and very viscous concentrates).

The Ing.A.Rossi scraped surface heat exchanger consists of a cylindrical jacket in which a heating or cooling fluid circulates. Inside the jacket there is a motorised rotating shaft with mobile scraping vanes made of food grade plastic which work on the internal surface of the jacket, stirring the product and cleaning the heat exchange surface. The product flows into the gap between the shaft and the jacket. Scraped surface exchangers can be used both as a heating technology and for cooling phases exclusively.


  • Ideal for difficult products which tend to foul the machine

  • Effective stirring of products with particulate matter

  • Low working pressures

  • Highly flexible for frequent stops and starts

  • Product viscosity up to 20,000 cps

  • Capacity up to 40,000 l/h

Direct steam injection & Flash Cooler:

Designed for high-capacity, constant production plants, the direct steam injection system, combined with Flash Cooler technology, enables energy-efficient sterilisation and aseptic cooling of high-viscosity concentrates while preserving the natural characteristics of the product.

The concentrates are heated by direct injection of food safe steam, which has been filtered for use in the process. After heating, the product is held at temperature for the necessary time in a holding tank. From here the product is sent to the vacuum chamber where it is instantly cooled to an adjustable temperature by the flash effect.

This technology, thanks to the use of low temperatures and operating pressures, optimises the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product and preserves its consistency (Bostwick and Blotter) as far as possible. The entire process is automated to enable optimised production and constant monitoring of the asepsis-critical parameters of the process, thus minimising running costs and increasing the overall capacity of the line.

Other advantages include the modular design of the machine which makes it easy to assemble and cheap to transport, the small space taken up by the Flash Cooler, and the excellent hygiene of the process, which makes long working cycles possible that cannot be achieved with other sterilisation technologies.


  • High-viscosity products with Bostwick

  • Low working pressures

  • Long working cycles

  • Fully automated plant

  • Fast installation with small footprint

  • Capacity up to 40,000 l/h

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