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THOR pre-concentrator is the most technologically advanced and energy efficient evaporation solution on the market for the production of high quality tomato juice up to a concentration of 12 Bx Hot Break and 16 Bx Cold Break.

Designed for intermediate viscosity products, THOR is designed with a Hybrid Flow heat exchanger system integrated into each evaporation stage. The Hybrid Flow heat exchanger comprises both forced-flow ascending tubes and accelerated-flow descending tubes, coupled by a pressurised distribution chamber.

This unique solution from Ing. A. Rossi enables a very precise brix degree to be achieved, significantly higher than any other pre-concentrator on the market. In practice, this means that it is possible to obtain finished products, such as tomato purée, pulp preserving liquid, peeled or diced tomatoes, and juices of intermediate viscosity, entirely with the THOR MVR, without the need offinishing evaporators. If a higher Bx level is required, the resulting product can be further concentrated in forced circulation evaporators.

THOR is also the most energy-efficient evaporator on the market. Its intrinsic efficiency, ensured by mechanical recompression of the product’s vapours (MVR), is maximised by the use of Hybrid Flow heat exchange. This state-of-the-art solution means that the evaporation process consumes zero steam and minimal energy.


  • Quality:
    THOR technology provides improved product quality, colour and organoleptic properties, due to its low evaporation temperature combined with low dwell time.
  • Steam savings:
    Once the balancing point has been reached, approximately 30-60 minutes after the machine is started, no more steam is consumed with Hot Break products when using THOR.
  • Modularity
    THOR is designed to be modular. More columns - and their circulation pump- can be added to satisfy the user’s capacity requirements or planned investment.
  • Flexibility
    The unique Hybrid Flow technology allows the system’s productivity to be adapted to the needs of the plant, which can be maximised or - if needed - even reduced by up to a fifth of the total.
  • End-of-harvest cleaning
    The high speed of the product inside the heat exchanger ensures very long working cycles between cleanings, in contrast with single-pass falling film technology. With this configuration, 40 to 70 days can pass between one washing cycle and the next, enough for an entire tomato season.
  • One machine for many different products
    THOR's modular design enables it to obtain products with different Bx levels in each evaporation column, and even separate juices. For example, it can achieve an 8 Bx Cold Break juice to feed a three effect evaporator, while at the same time extracting a 12 Bx Hot Break product from another column, such as ready-for-filling tomato purée.
  • Energy savings
    The energy consumption of the machine is equal to 20 equivalent steam effects (1 kg of steam consumed per 20 kg of evaporation).

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