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Chef was created to process fresh or semi-processed ingredients, (such as fruit, vegetables, concentrates and spices) into finished products for the shelf, like ready-made sauces, jams and soups - anything involving cooking, evaporation, sterilisation and blending.

Chef is an advanced professional cooker whose technology, developed by Ing. A. Rossi, enables uniform, delicate cooking which, in line with the company's philosophy, maintains the organoleptic properties of the primary ingredients, for a high quality final result, unaltered by over-processing.

The system can work in batch mode, in which the ingredients - liquids, powders and solids - are loaded into the machine and the finished product is output. All in completely aseptic conditions.

In particular, liquids are pumped through flanged pipes, solids on a sort of carriage, the "vagonetto", located on the side of the Chef, and powders are delivered by a vacuum hopper that directly draws the necessary quantities into the cooker.

Everything is completely controlled by the user-friendly touch screen panel, on which the user can program and update recipes, thanks to its integrated Industry 4.0 software with advanced functions.


  • Uniformity and heat treatment :
    The product is mixed evenly by a system with two rotating coils with counter-rotating stirres and given a uniform, delicate heat treatment, which preserves and enhances the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the ingredients.
  • Multi-functionality:
    Chef's flexibility enables a variety of configurations to suit different preparations and recipes. It can work at atmospheric environment, under vacuum, or work as an evaporator to achieve a given brix level, with automatic steam intake and temperature control.
  • Customisable capacity
    Chef is available in sizes from 800 to 3000 kilograms. Each machine can also run at lower loads, thanks to the double coil system that cooks, heats and mixes the product evenly, regardless of quantity.
  • Multiple combinations :
    Chef offers versatile configuration depending on the application. Supplied with discharge pumps appropriate to the application, each section can be considered an optional module, depending on the product.
  • Automatic washing:
    The cooker is equipped with an integrated CIP washing system that quickly and thoroughly cleans all areas in contact with the product and removes all organic and inorganic residues, without any need for disassembly.
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