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  • With mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)
  • With thermal vapor recompression (TVR)
  • Multiple effect

| Falling Film Evaporator

Ideal for the most delicate processing, falling film evaporators are used for concentrating low viscosity and clarified juices and other liquids, including apple, citrus, carrot, beetroot, red fruit, grape, pineapple and pomegranate juices, cider, must and tea. They are also ideal for concentrating milk and whey.

The falling film technology maintains the original nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the product. The liquid is fed into the top of the heat exchange tubes and flows uniformly inside the walls as a thin film. The film of product falls under the effect of gravity and is accelerated by the steam generated by the heating process. This type of circulation ensures that the product remains on the walls for a very short time, and offers very high efficiency heat exchange, thus enabling gentle evaporation which best maintains the quality of the product.

Ing. A. Rossi falling film evaporators are offered with cocurrent flow, which is particularly suitable for treating temperature-sensitive products. The process reaches its highest temperature at low concentrations, while the finisher effect, in which the more concentrated product can easily undergo organoleptic changes, operates at a much lower temperature.

Ing. A. Rossi Group offers a wide range of falling film evaporators made entirely of stainless steel, with evaporation capacities from 1000 kg/h to 80 tons/h, and in a variety of versions, from two to six effects.

Ing. A. Rossi Group falling film evaporators stand out for their exclusive design which integrates a number of different processes into a single insulated body, rather than explode them in different columns. This solution reduces heat loss and also makes for a more compact footprint.

Finally, depending on capacity and the desired energy savings, the evaporators can be equipped with the best efficiency boosting systems on the market: TVR technology (thermal vapour recompression) or MVR technology (mechanical vapour recompression). These solutions minimise steam consumption, thus reducing running costs as well as environmental impact.


  • Quality
    Thanks to the short time the product is held in the system (approx. 5 minutes) and the low temperature thermal process, falling film technology is particularly suited to processing temperature-sensitive products.
  • Unchanged aroma
    Ing. A. Rossi evaporators can be coupled to aroma recovery systems, which condense and concentrate the low boiling point aromatic fractions released by the product in the vapours during concentration and return them to the product rather than losing them.
  • Energy saving
    The MVR and TVR systems save considerable energy and water, resulting not only in lower running costs, but also a lower environmental impact.
  • Automated control
    A simple, user-friendly operator interface allows to program of the complete automation process in all production phases.
  • Small footprint
    Ing. A. Rossi falling film solutions have an exceptionally compact design and small footprint - even in systems with a high evaporative capacity. The machine’s various subprocesses are integrated into a single column, instead of being implemented by different columns.
  • Flexibility
    The unique staged design of the Ing. A. Rossi exchanger, combined with the product distribution system, offers very high flexibility in terms of capacity and the variety of products that can be processed by a single machine.

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