• Washing sorting


  • washing machines
  • Drum washing machines
  • Brushing machines

At the end of the receiving line are placed the spraying washing machines or brush washing machines or roller sorting tables. The purpose of this process phase is to ensure a more thorough cleaning of the product and allow the staff to evaluate which products are to be discarded and which ones can continue in the subsequent processing stages.

Washing machines have the function of providing greater cleanliness to ensure a high quality finished product and they are divided into two main categories:

- Spray or brush washing machines, through which the product is cleaned by water and the use of special brushes.

- Rotating basket system: this is the most frequently used mode and includes a system consisting consisting of a mesh cylinder entirely stainless steel made, which allows the separation of heavy parts and impurities, such as dirt, dry leaves, stones and sand. In detail, fruit washing machines differ from those for tomatoes due to the different number of return rollers that allow to avoid the accumulation of grass around the rollers. The inclination of the basket allows the advancement of the product during rotation, while all the wastes are collected and removed by means of belts positioned below the basket itself.


  • Rollers sorting tables

  • Sorting tables
  • Optical sorters

The roller sorting tables are made of stainless steel and have a shape that allows the product to move forward on its plane and to rotate on its own axis so as to allow the personnel to carry out quality control and to check their integrity. Next to the sorting table is a polypropylene waste conveyor with independent motorization. This has the function of collecting and removing the fruits deemed unsuitable.

To ensure maximum safety, two devices have been designed by Ing.A.Rossi : near the sorting plan there is an acoustic and luminous warning that warns the staff on the departure of the sorting plan. There is an emergency button as well, to stop all the engines in the area in case of need.

In the case of fruit with hard skin, for a more effective and definitive cleaning, it is possible as customer optional to provide a rotating brush, which is positioned at the end of the sorting plan. This system can be bypassed when not needed.

In tomato and fruit sorting section , is also possible to integrate in the line , optical sorters that can detect products’ defects and foreign bodies on the sorting lines and rejecting them with extreme precision. Thanks to color sorting and infrared light, only products with regular and uniform degree of ripeness, integrity of surface and flesh are selected.

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