Aseptic filling for low-acid products

Innovation: Alya's improved Bag in Box aseptic filling for low-acid products

The world of Bag in Box by Ing. A. Rossi is constantly evolving. We have developed an innovative technology that makes it possible to fill low-acid products with a high degree of safety in an aseptic environment while guaranteeing a significant reduction in the use of disinfectant solutions.

This innovative technology combines the Alya bag-in-box filling system, which has already been proven in numerous industrial installations, with a sterilisation technique known as VHP (Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide). This technique uses vapour-phase hydrogen peroxide as the sterilising agent for the machine and the packaging material to be filled. Using this vaporised sterilising agent guarantees a high level of safety on all surfaces and significantly reduces the amount of solution required compared to liquid phase sterilisers.

With certifications that guarantee the safety and reliability of the sterilisation process on FDA-approved packaging, the new generation of Alya aseptic fillers represents a real breakthrough in the low-acid food & beverage filling sector.

With this new component, Alya can fill high-value products such as milk and dairy, non-dairy milk, protein products, purees and low-acid vegetable juices at the highest speed on the market, with low consumption and in complete safety.

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