Ing. A.Rossi


Concentrate and semiconcentrate

The tomato concentrate obtained with the Ing. A. Rossi technology presents high quality standards and meets responds optimally to all commercial parameters for product evaluation (Blotter test, pH, colour, organoleptic properties, syneresis absence and blemishes, etc.)

The concentrate respects quality standards and commercial parameters whether it is produced with Cold Break, Hot Break or Super Hot Break (even at very low Bostwick degree values) and at 28-30°Brix (double concentrate) or 36°-38°Brix (triple concentrate) concentration degrees.

With a final concentration between 12° and 18° Brix the semi concentrate is suitable to obtain final products like pizza sauce or puree. Obtained with the same machines used for concentrated products, semi-concentrates have outstanding natural characteristics enhanced by the preservation technologies adopted.

Production lines

Sauce and ketchup

Ing. A. Rossi supplies complete lines for the preparation of tomato-based sauces and ketchup starting from the receiving of raw material, whether fresh tomatoes or concentrate aseptically.  We also have glass jar, plastic bottle or tin can packaging.

Production lines

Peeled and diced tomatoes

Peeled and diced tomatoes are among the best products obtained from raw tomatoes. The technology required for the obtaining of these products requires high quality standards in order to obtain the best performance and preserve the texture and fragrance of the fresh product. The Ing. A. Rossi technology combined with the ones of its closest sub-suppliers, allows obtaining high quality products in the various stages of peeled tomato preparation and in those in which the mother juice is obtained. 

Production lines