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Harissa sauce

The harissa sauce is a sauce made of fresh chillies, garlic and olive oil, with a tomato paste texture, and is typical of North Africa and especially common in Tunisia. Other ingredients which are usually used in the preparation of harissa are coriander, cumin, caraway and sometimes even tomatoes.  The harissa sauce can be used both as a seasoning and as an ingredient. It gives a spicy flavour to foods; like couscous, but also pasta, soups, salads and kebabs.
Ing. A. Rossi manufactures single machines and complete lines specifically developed for the preparation of harissa sauce starting from the raw material and to the final packaging.


A typical fruit of the North African and Middle Eastern countries where Ing. A. Rossi has always been a landmark for technology the date is suitable for a variety of processing operations from pulp to syrup extracts used in the confectionary and beverage industry. The specific technology and the applied transformation processes allow obtaining yeast, alcohol, vinegar as sub-products of clarified and non-clarified syrups.


Ing. A. Rossi has the know-how needed to cope with the most different system requirements in the dairy sector: the evaporators and sterilization systems we produce in this field are also successfully applied.

Customized products

Ing. A. Rossi is always prompt to listen and satisfy, through the most advanced technologies, all those who have a need to customize the processes in the food industry, even outside of sectors related to vegetables, fruit, jams or milk.
Contact us with your no-obligation inquiry. Our strong staff of Engineers and technical specialists is able to meet your different needs.