Ing. A.Rossi

Fruits and vegetables

Clarified and turbid, natural and concentrated juices

Ing. A. Rossi is highly specialized in the production of complete lines and single machines for the production of juices, turbid and clarified, which can be kept in their natural state or concentrated. We offer process solutions for all types of fruit.

Production lines

Purees natural and concentrate

Ing. A. Rossi manufactures complete lines and individual machines for the production of fruit purees, especially apples, pears, peaches and apricots, which may be maintained as natural or concentrate.

Production lines

Marmalades and jams

We also specialized in the manufacture of machines for the production of marmalade and jam.

Production lines

Leaf vegetables

Our new product line for transport and treatment of leaf vegetables isĀ ideal for sand and coarse impurities removal.

Production lines