Ing. A.Rossi


Aseptic fillers


The POLIPACK 200 M aseptic fillers are for 220 Lt (60 gl) bags and may be single-headed (model 1-200 M) or double-headed (model 2-200 M). Both models have loading and unloading rollers, a filling workstation area equipped with a mobile head, able to move vertically during the filling stage and a monitoring area.
A label printer and a jib crane to move full barrels and place them on pallets are provided too.  A system consisting of loading cells guarantees an accurate filling while steam barrels and various controlling instruments avoid the contamination of the product and of the filling environment.


POLIPACK aseptic fillers can be combined with the small bags adapter (with capacities from 5 to 20 Lt), equipped with a continuous film bag supplier and discharge roller conveyor. The integration of the adapter’s operating parameters with the ones of the PLC filler allows the perfect compatibility of the two elements.

The aseptic fillers POLIPACK 200/4 - 1,000 M for bags having capacities of either 220 lt (60 gal) or 1.100 lt (300 gal) may be provided in a single-headed (1-200/4-1.000 M) or double-headed (2-200/4-1.000 M) model. Both models are equipped with motorized rollers conveyors for pallets/bins feeding and ejection, a mobile filling head, a monitoring workstation and a rotating roller conveyor underneath the filling head. This one allows the pallet rotation in order to place each of the 220 lt four bins right under the filling head. During the filling operation the head moves vertically to avoid the weight of the filled bag from causing laceration. An accurate filling is guaranteed by the presence of loading cells and flow meters, while steam barriers ensure an aseptic filling operation.