Ing. A.Rossi


Falling film evaporator


Suitable for the most delicate treatments, such as apples and citrus fruit, the multiple effect falling film evaporators represent the ideal solution for the concentration of low viscosity and clarified juices.
Completely made of stainless steel they are generally coupled to aroma recovery systems able to condensate the steams produced during the concentration phase, in order to recuperate the most aromatic part that otherwise would be lost. To the falling film evaporators is generally applied a successful mechanical vapour recompression system MVR, in order to reduce significantly the energy consumption.

Double effect forced


Completely made of stainless steel, the Ing.A.Rossi 2D series evaporators (double effect in two stages) represent the ideal solution for all situations in which the production capacity is between 150 and 500 T/day, or, when juice concentrates are the primary production (like apples, pears, peaches, apricots or other). The low temperatures allow maintaining a high quality of the final product colour. A feature much-sought in the fruit creamy products’ market.
All evaporators, both for tomato and for fruit, are coupled to pumps exclusively designed by Ing.A.Rossi, which are able to guarantee a perfect circulation of the product facilitating the thermal exchange and preventing the formation of black spots due to the overheating of the product inside the tube nests.



Reaching a production capacity between 300 and 2.500 T/day, the 3T series evaporators (triple effect at 3 stages) and ULTER (triple effect at 4 stages) allow, compared to the 2D series evaporators, a reduced steam consumption while maintaining excellent results in all quality evaluation tests of the product obtained.
In the case of HB productions with capacities higher than 750T/day, such steam consumption is further reducible by inserting a flash tank upstream of the system.
Coupled to circulation pumps of exclusive design at 2 or 3 principles, the triple effect evaporators have stainless steel semi-barometric condensers for a production capacity up to 750 T/day and barometric condensers for larger sizes.
The low temperatures and the high exchanging surfaces give to the Ing.A.Rossi evaporators an advantage on the nominal capacities ranging between 12 and 20%, enabling users to cope with unexpected production peaks or to increase the production capacity of their installation without any additional cost.

Hibrid evaporators


In recent years, it is increasingly requested to install pre-evaporation systems with mechanical vapour compression, to dramatically reduce energy consumption, both in terms of steam and power. Ing. A. Rossi, already capable to produce combined cycle systems (forced and falling film), has also studied and produced the THOR pre-concentrator in multiple copies and sizes designed according to the highest standards and capable of improving the finished product quality.



This technology has been specifically developed by Ing. A. Rossi to pre-concentrate a wide range of products having a intermediate viscosity difficult with fiber content and solid particles which have a moderate tendency to sediment on the exchanging pipes. THOR is widely used in the tomato industry, to concentrate natural tomato juice up to 10-12° Brix. The product obtained can be further concentrated in a forced circulation evaporators, or it can be used for the tomato puree production, as topping for peeled or diced and chopped tomatoes.
Thanks to its modular concept, the THOR pre-concentrator is able to cover a wide range of evaporation capacity, from 3 Ton/h up to 100 tons/h of evaporated water.



THOR is characterised with the following advantages:

  • 24H warranty for the entire tomato working season with semi-concentrated production of both for Cold and Hot Break;
  • High flexibility in the independent regulation of the evaporation capacity and of the juice inlet flow;
  • Delicate evaporation due to reduced temperature difference between the heating steams and the product;
  • Dwell time period highly reduced;
  • Machine in automatically stand-by mode without the need to replace the inlet product with water;
  • Easy transport of each evaporation module and reduced installation time at the Client's site;
  • Modest civil works to be carried out;
  • Possibility to visually monitor the operating parameters of each stage of the evaporation process.



The THOR pre-concentrator has Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR). This technologically advanced device minimises the amount of steam required for its operation, thus allowing a significant savings in operating costs, a lower environmental impact and a reduction in the water requirements for the condenser.
The MVR involves the use of a centrifugal compressor driven by an external source of mechanical energy. This technology can enable to achieve a null consumption of heating steam with exceptional results in terms of savings, and it is often installed in conjunction with a steam turbine which drives the compressor and discharges low-pressure steam used at other points of the plant.

Mixing, dissolution and cooking systems


Ing. A. Rossi designs and manufactures customized installations suitable for the execution of the most different mixtures for batch or continuous, both for solid food products and fluid. In the tomato processing field, dissolution systems which allow obtaining from concentrated both for batch and continuous, sauces with the desired concentration are manufactured. We also manufacture complete cooking lines for the processing and production of jams.