Ing. A.Rossi

Our machines

Receiving, washing and transport

The Ing. A. Rossi channels are suitable for any type of raw fruit conveyed. Our complete lines offer also hydraulic conveyors for the transport of the product, washing machines, sorting tables and advanced systems for the reuse of transport water.

Extraction and enzymatic deactivation

Ing. A. Rossi offers an advanced technology with different solutions depending on need, responding to specific requirements based on the processing of each product. We are leading producer of equipment for hot and cold extraction, enzymatic deactivation, choppers, presses, destoner machines and much more.


Our concentration machines represent the ideal solution for the maintenance of manufactured products aromas and our ongoing research has permitted us to develop and get advanced technologies in order to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Pasteurization and sterilization

Pasteurization and sterilization processes are used in order to extend the preservation of treated products. The Ing. A. Rossi groups guarantee the correct aseptic condition of the treated product and its shelf life and storage stability.